What and How to Sign in a Digital World?




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The presentation conceptualizes signatures as they are made in the physical world and then evaluates five aspects of digital signatures which one needs to take into account before selecting and implementing a system for digital signatures.


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Dragoljub Nesic, MSc, MBA

CTO Skippo AB

Adjunct teacher at Department of Computer and Systems Sciences, Stockholm University


Dragoljub Nesic is a business leader with a passion for technology and 30 years of experience in product management and software development. He has led development organizations to generate tangible business value through applying existing and new technology in innovative ways. With deep technical and analytical skills, endless optimism, pragmatic approach to problem solving, and unfading drive to get things done. He orients everyone  working with him to focus and deliver upon what matters most for the business at any given time.

He has worked with technical solutions at architectural level but also with bits and bytes. He has reasoned around technology with executives and explained business strategy to developers. In the process, he has constantly zoomed in and out between strategic issues and tactical solutions, and between software architecture and low-level protocols, an approach valued by both engineering teams and board members alike. He believes there is a trade-off in any decision that one makes – a balance between these perspectives makes those decisions easier to make.

He prides himself in using structured processes to release the creative potential of teams  he working with. As an executive, he provides inspiration and guidance to align the organization with the company’s overall goals. He equips teams with the ability to operate autonomously with a “fail-fast” attitude. He believes it is better to fail in an endeavor than not to have tried at all – although he doesn’t approach failure lightheartedly, a failure does provide us with an opportunity to learn.

Learnings from work he applies in private life, and the other way around. An agile approach to exercise has led him from running his first marathon to completing an Ironman race. The skills of planning, perseverance to execute a plan, and the sensibility to adapt a plan when necessary, he uses at work every day.


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It is no longer possible to register for this event


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