This year's Project Management Challenge (PMC) 2023 is hosted in the city of Surabaya and takes on theme of "Smart City". PMI Indonesia invites student participants at all levels, to submit their innovative ideas in sub topics such as Smart Mobility, Smart Branding, Smart Economy, Smart Environment, Smart Government, and Smart Living. The ideas need to then be elaborated in the form of a Mini Project Management Master Plan, that will be evaluated by a panel of judges.

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Congratulations to Our Finalists!


About the Project Management Challenge

Our Award Winning "Project Management Challenge" is a unique contest aimed at university students, to give them some project planning experience. They will be given a specific topic on recent global issues and will be working in teams to produce a Project Management Plan. 

Those selected in the top 10 will further go into the next round to present their projects and create a multimedia content to further explain their ideas. They will be presenting in front of a panel of distinguished judges from PMI and industry professionals.

Winners will take home a grand prize money and many other gifts. The event is usually combined with webinars, and other knowledge sharing or upskilling sessions from industry practitioners to give insights to the students.

We have ran this event now for 9 consecutive years now and our last PMC attracted 32 teams from 12 different universities all around the world.