Become A Volunteer

Be part of our community.

Good to have you on this page, because it means you are thinking about how to give back to the profession and to the community. Thank you!

There are many ways to become a volunteer for our Chapter:

  • Become a Board Member, get involved as part of the chapter's core committee, in General Secretary, Treasury, Program, Marketing, Education, Communication, Membership or the Branch Departments. Be in the workshops and have your say to craft the chapter programs and strategy. This is a permanent position and requires your commitment for one full year. We usually announce a "Call for Volunteers" in December for these opportunities
  • Become a member of Special Events Committee, we run many events throughout the year such as teh Symposium and Exhibition, Project Management Challenge, Project Management Workshops. Contribute and be part of the organizing volunteers that make events happen with the highest quality. 
  • Become a PMP Study Group Mentor, if you have recently passed your exam, why not help a fellow practitioner to clear their PMP exam. We are very proud of our mentors community and their spirit of camaraderie. You will network with professionals from different industries and will build new friendships
  • Contribute an article, we will gladly publish your writing. It can be a research paper, blog post with your opinion on business, strategy, project management challenges, tips, technology adoption, successes and lessons learned. Your article does not have to be brand new, but it does need to be relevant. And we request that the article is originally written by you or a team in which you are a part of.

We are really looking forward to having you with us!

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