PMI Indonesia Chapter will proudly present a half-day seminar in the area of project management:
If you’re project manager who has high interest in learning project management practices, you can join this seminar and learn from these experts, as they are about to share their expertise and lesson learned.

This exclusive event will be held on:

Date   : Wednesday, 20th Dec 2017
Time   : 14.00 - 17.00
Venue : 


Sinar Mas Land Plaza, Tower 2, 20th Floor, Filma Room

Jl MH Thamrin 51, Kav 22, Jakarta Pusat - 10350, Indonesia


Prominent Speakers: 

OMM Theodore

Mr. Theodore S. Pribadi

Co-Founder, Partner, Managing Director of éclat Consulting
Theodore Septana Pribadi completed his double majors in Business Administration and Information Science at Goshen College, Indiana, USA. His formal background has equipped him with creative groundbreaking, yet practical ideas when recommending integrated applicable solutions to his clients. Throughout Theodore’s career as a management consultant, he has coached and consulted business owners & executives, delivered key-note speeches, written articles in reputable magazines, and facilitated people development through both indoor and outdoor learning programs.
Theodore has earned certifications in generating and interpreting personality profile assessment report on two leading tools worldwide: CALIPER from USA and Lumina learning from UK.


OMM Mabel

Ms. Mabel Lee

Mabel Lee is Managing Consultant at Caliper Singapore, a management consulting firm and one of 12 global offices of Caliper Corporation. Founded in 1961 and headquartered in New Jersey, USA, Caliper Corporation is best known for its Caliper Profile, a scientifically validated instrument in talent assessment.
Mabel enjoys helping organizations build their human capital capabilities, and has led projects ranging from employee engagement and communications, organization culture transformation to talent integration and development. In her Caliper practice, she regularly coaches senior leaders such as country managers and managing directors to fulfill their leadership potential.
Mabel is a regular speaker and is well-versed with the needs of enterprises based in Asia. She is also an ACTA certified trainer and a Practicing Management Consultant (PMC Bi-lingual).

1. Many professionals decided to get certification on Project Management to learn about, Sharpen skills on, and gain credibility in, among other things:
o Planning and organizing projects;
o Establishing project schedules;
o Managing and maximizing financial or human resources required by their projects;
o Controlling project costs;
o Managing changes relevant to project scope;
o Monitoring progress and ensuring quality deliverables;
o Retaining and reusing knowledge; and
o Learning from past project success and failure.

2. Professionals performing well in the above competencies are said to have mastered the Project Management Skills: “The Science of Project Execution”

3. Project Management Institute’s Body of Knowledge groups these competencies into:
* Initiating a project; * Monitoring & Controlling a project; and
* Planning a project; * Closing a project.
* Executing a project;

4. Unfortunately, mastering these set of competencies alone is far from enough from satisfying all stakeholders of the project. Unsatisfied project stakeholders often lead to project failures.

5. What are the sources of unsatisfied project stakeholders? Most of the answers to this question lead to a common conclusion: The Project Leadership skills: “The Art of Project Execution.”

6. Mastering both the Art and Science of Project Execution consists of 2 parts:
- Understanding the traits that enable professionals balancing the Art and Science of Project Execution; and
- Complementing the abovementioned competencies with Project Stakeholders Management competencies.

Part 1:
- CALIPER Profile is a psychometric instrument for assessing an individual’s characteristics, potential and motivation. Caliper uses the more rigorous ‘traits’ approach to personality assessment (as opposed to the more general ‘type’ approach) so as to generate deep behavioral insights for the assesses.

- Having assessed more than 4 million assesses worldwide, CALIPER has established local population norms across the major languages. CALIPER’s way of analyzing traits and their implications on behaviors, competencies, and job-matching has been validated by more than half a century of research and development (R&D).

- CALIPER s findings on job-matching and top leadership traits, to name a few, have been published in prestigious periodicals such as the Harvard Business Review. CALIPER’s R&D experts have also done the mapping of Korn Ferry’s Lominger Competency Profile for Project Management with the criterion-related validity of 0.68, which is above industry standards.

Part 2:
- To master the Art of Project Execution, Project Management Institute’s Body of Knowledge has grouped the Project Stakeholders Management competencies into the following:
* Communicating; * Leading;
* Managing; * Effectiveness; and
* Cognitive Ability; * Professionalism.

- Mastering both dimensions of Project Execution: the Art (Project Leadership) & the Science (Project Management) is mandatory when professionals are handling projects that are complex in nature.

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Limited seats, make sure to register yourself first for the OMM#86
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We shall not guarantee seats for on-spot registration.

Registration Fee:
IDR   50,000 for PMI Indonesia Chapter Member / Student
IDR 100,000 for Non-Member / Public

Earn 3 PDUs for the Seminar

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BRI KCP Jamsostek
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