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Q: What are the requirements to be eligible to pursue the PMP certification exam?

A: You should have minimum 3 years working experience in project and had 35 hours of formal education learning project management knowledge

Q: I am not a project manager, but I have experience working in a project

A: You don't have to be Project Manager as your role designation, but you have to spend at least 4500 hours leading the project tasks.

Q: I am a academician, lecturer, researcher, student. But I am not a practitioner. Am I eligible for PMP?

A: This is a professional credential. If you don't have the working experience in a project, you should take the other certification, i.e. Certified Associate Project Management (CAPM)

Q: I already accumulated several hours of formal education, but still need a few more hours. How can I get them, do I need to take any training / courses?

A: You can accumulate education hours by attending courses/training/seminar/events. Usually PMI Indonesia Chapter's events will state how many PDUs you will earn by participating. Collect these PDUs to be used as additional education hours.

Q: I have learnt project management in my university. Can I count this toward the formal education hours required for PMP exam eligibility?

A: Yes. But you may only be able to record applicable classes, but cannot record the entire degree itself. 1 hour of classroom equals to 1 contact hour. More details please refer to PMI's PMP Handbook.

Q: Should I be a member of PMI first to take the exam?

A: You don't have to be a member to pursue PMP. However by being a member you will get discounted exam fee (see "Fee" section) and free copy of PMBoK e-book.


2. FEE


Q: How much is the PMP exam fee?

A: For PMI member USD 405, non-member USD 555

Q: How can I process the payment?

A: You can pay online using your credit card or money transfer. Please note that some local credit cards might not be accepted, so make sure you don't have "pending" in your payment status. If you prefer to pay by money transfer, be sure to add the remittance fees. Note that all remittance fees will be burden by sender. So make sure to ask the bank/money transfer agent how much the fee, and add this to your transferred amount. This is to avoid your payment status in hold, or not completed.




Q: What is the procedure/processes to register for the PMP exam?

A: There are few steps you should follow. First, you have to submit online application mentioning all the project experience and formal education. Be sure that you have met the minimum requirements (see "Eligibility" section above). Once your application has been approved, you will be requested to pay the exam fee (see "Fee" section). After payment is confirmed by PMI, you might get audited (random chosen). If you are chosen for audit, you need to send all the documents to verify your working experience in project as well as your education hours. Once you pass the audit (only for those who get audited), then you will receive an eligibility code. Using this code you can schedule the PMP exam throughout 1-year period. Please see PMI's PMP Handbook for more details.




Q: When is the schedule for PMP exam?

A: The exam schedule is throughout the year, you can decide the schedule depending availability of the test center (in this case Prometric). Usually you can choose from Monday-Thursday, with two options: morning (09:00) or afternoon (13:00)

Q: Where is the PMP exam taken place?

A: The PMP exam will be located in Prometric test center, Jakarta.




Q: Which materials or books should I study for the exam?

A: The "must-have" book is Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK) 4 th Edition. Other books are supplementary materials

Q: How can I obtain the PMBoK ?

A: If you already a member of PMI, you can download the e-book of PMBoK 4th Edition for free from "Resources" section. If you wish to have the hard-copy you can place order online to Marketplace, or order it in any big book store.




Q: Does PMI Indonesia Chapter hold any training or preparation courses?

A: PMI Indonesia Chapter is a non-profit organization thus we don't offer any commercial training courses. We suggest you contact the PMI's Registered Education Provider (REP) as available in When contacting them, be sure to ask for the schedule, syllabus, trainer profile and of course the fee. Some training providers even offer the PMBoK book and exam fee included in the training package.

Q: So what PMI Indonesia Chapter can do to assist PMP candidates?

A: We offer a program called "PMP Exam Preparation". In this 4-hours session, you will obtain information about PMP exam procedures, guidelines, tips; also exam-like test simulation (try-out) to assess your knowledge and confidence level to pass the exam. This is a very useful and quick assessment tool for those who have planned to enroll the PMP exam in nearest period. This session is held bi- monthly, and the next schedule shall be informed in website and mailing list. If you haven't joined our mailing list, please subscribe by sending blank email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to stay updated.

Q: I know this PMP Exam Prep session, but is it always held in Jakarta? I am working in outside Jakarta.

A: If you can gather 20 people within your company who have interests to pursue the PMP, you can contact us for the "PMO Road show" program. This program allow us to visit your company and hold the PMP Exam Prep at your site.

Q: Will I get PDUs for joining this PMP Exam Prep session?

A: No, you won't get any PDUs as this is a mentor-coached session (part of self-directed learning). However the benefit of this session is you will be able to know and assess yourself whether you are ready to pass the exam or still need to study more.




Q: What should I bring to exam location?

A: You should bring your valid ID (KTP for Indonesian, KITAS/Passport for foreigners)

Q: When should I arrive?

A: It's best to arrive 15-30 minutes before the exam, to prepare yourself with the test environment

Q: Which items can I bring into the test room?

A: You shall not bring any items. All of your belongings will be placed in designated locker. You shall be given scratch papers, a pencil, and a calculator (upon request).

Q: How long will the exam take place? And how many breaks I shall have?

A: The exam is 4 hours without scheduled breaks. So if you leave the test room, the time will not be compensated and still running. So make sure you have good stamina.

Q: Is there any preparation time before exam starts?

A: Yes. You will be given a pencil and scratch papers. 5 minutes before the exam starts, you can use these items to jot down all the formula and other stuffs which is difficult for you to memorize.


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