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  • New Members Orientation, a session for members who have recently joined PMI or the Indonesia Chapter. Interact with the Board of Directors, get acquainted with chapter activities and network among the members. This event is done quarterly and is run in a casual setting and we sometimes invite a special guest
  • Team Building Outbound, an annual event creatively designed to take members out of their daily routine, usually a weekend getaway where we do fun activities. This is a good opportunity to get to know each other better and to forge friendships among the members
  • Meet and Greet (Annual General Meeting), is a special event held commemorating the Chapter's aniversary in October. As we reach each milestone, we invite members to share their project stories, we present the President's Award for the most active members, mentors and we also have games and quizzes. 

During the pandemic, we have had to change the format to a virtual one, but it is still a great chance to meet and greet the familiar faces as well as the new ones.

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Project Management For Small Projects

What’s a small project? For the purposes of this article, I’ve defined a small project as a project with a budget of less than $30.000 which is generally completed within 2-4 months. Businesses that engage in shorter-term or smaller projects, are generally those that are producing these on a regular basis (my own experience with Island Media is specifically based in digital projects which includes branding, design, development, and advertising). This generally means that often, there are multiple ongoing projects running concurrently – this drives a real need for strong project management. However, historically, project management frameworks have been developed for large scale projects, and while exemplary, it’s not always possible or financially viable to run small projects abiding to the same frameworks. 


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