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PRANKS 18: "AITEHAKADORI KANBAN" - The New Vaccine for Your Troubled Projects

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Dear Project Management Fellows,


PRANKS (Project Management Knowledge Sharing) is a fun and knowledge-packed event to meet and greet with other project management practitioners where you can upgrade your skills, share your experiences and ideas.

Our 18th PRANKS session will be held on:

Date: Friday, November 20th, 2020
Time: 19:00 - 20:30 WIB (Waktu Indonesia Barat)

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AITEHAKADORI KANBAN is a collaboration for impact (CFI) approach to prevent your projects from “getting into troubles” by applying the  7 principles of Aitehakadori thinking using Kanban practices. Aitehakadori in Japanese means the other sides as opposed to Jibunhakadori – thinking of your side! 

The 7 principles that will be discussed are as follow. 

1.) MISSION – the Project Manager should act like a “Taishi” or Ambassador of the project to fulfill the mission of the project rather than just merely executing the required tasks.

2.) HUMAN SYSTEM DESIGN – by focusing on the process design that is human friendly, potential bottlenecks due to miscommunications can be avoided.  This focus on “Tehai” or arrangement of human interactions will create a harmonious project ambiance.

3. ) “SHIGOTO” -  focusing on the “Nihonteki-na Shigoto” – Japanese-style Job as opposed to merely doing the tasks.

4.) WHOLENESS – better understanding of process dependencies,

5.) THE OTHER SIDE – understanding of other processes

6.) DEEPER THINKING – multidimensional view of events, and

7.) DETERMINATION – to fulfill the duty of a “Taishi” in completing the mission.



Yuichi is the founder of Collaboration for Impact (CFI) – a multidimensional approach to create and maintain a harmonious project environment using Aitehakadori thinking.  Through his many years of dealing with human-related challenges including working for the top financial institutions in Japan, he develops a passion to create a better project environment using Aitehakadori thinking.  He lives in Tokyo, Japan and is an alumnus of Sophia University, Japan.


Amin is the founder of Karate Project Management (KPM) – a unique approach to manage the four types of energy (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual ) to better deal with conflicts that arise in projects.  He is a Kanban and Agile coach who lives in Los Angeles, USA.  Amin attended Seikei University, Japan and is an alumnus of Thunderbird Global School of Management, USA.  Also, he holds a first degree black belt in Shotokan Karate from SKIF, Tokyo, Japan.



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