PMIIC Symposium 2017 – Will Project Management Further Develop in the next decade?

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Project management experienced a significant change in the last twenty years. From a tools and methods oriented approach it developed into a holistic contextual, behavioral, and technical competence-based management discipline aiming at delivering long-term sustainable value for a variety of stakeholders in their professional and private roles, for private and public organizations, and for society as a whole. Is this change ending - or will project management further develop and transform in the next decade?

The basic trend of project management is Projectification of societies (Schoper, Gemünden, Nguyen, 2016) that is defined as the degree of diffusion of project management in all sectors of the societies (Midler, 1995; Lundin and Midler, 1998; Packendorff and Lindgren, 2014). Indicators of this trend are the time and money spent in projects as well as the amount of economic, cultural and social benefits and losses caused by projects.

Project management as a “management innovation” will continue to grow. This means that increasingly more sectors of the societies will implement the methodologies of project management for solving their complex unique tasks. Within companies the value creation will shift from operations to projects. “Projectification of societies” means that not only in professional sectors as research, health care, politics and public administration, the methods of project management are applied - but also in private life.

An implication of this trend is that people spend more working and private time with and in projects.

Project management as a management innovation needs innovative managers in order to re-invent it and to bring it to the next level. Learning is not only an educational task of universities, but also the major task of the project management users. Join PMI Indonesia Chapter Annual Symposium & Exhibition to are to establish better knowledge management systems.

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Strategy execution through portfolio and programs connects project managers and their delivery to strategic value and senior stakeholders. More than projects doing things right, portfolio management helps us do the right things. And more than just delivering, program management helps us realise outcomes, benefits and impact.

This session will provide an introduction to strategy and strategic frameworks relevant to organisational cultures, the processes of translating strategy and optimising a portfolio of initiatives, approaches to design and map strategy for programs to realise strategy, and ways to manage and realise benefits.

As stakeholder engagement is more vital for complex programs and critical for portfolio resource contention, we include positive organisational approaches that leverage strengths of teams and senior leaders to create and realise better futures, not just fix problems.

In summary, we explore pathways to help elevate project managers into positive leaders who can create strategic value for their organisations, and gain the respect and active sponsorship of their executives.



How many times we went through a “Lessons Learnt” listing process and how many times they all ended up covered by the “virtual dust” in our electronic libraries, never seeing the light again? How many times we have seen the same pattern over and over again from one project to another or even within the same project and did not find the way out? And how many times we have felt excited and in the same time powerless in the face of philosophical sentences?

At the end of the day, there is no news that one of the biggest challenges we have in projects is to capture the learning and to make it available and moreover practical at a later stage on our journey, may it be within the same team or in other settings.

Following the principle less is more and guidance on how to shift the energy of the group from general to specific, the speaker will accompany the audience in building an individual living document that can be used in translating lessons into actions.

The participants will go through a simulation on how to capture learning in a way that enables actual transformation and they will have the opportunity to reflect and integrate the knowledge shared during the first day of the Symposium.

Join us on an exciting journey for 2 days filled with learning networking opportunities. FREE Networking Dinner and meet up with Project management Practitioners. A great moment for all of us to meet our friends from all different industries that shared the same vision!

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Learn insights from these world-class speakers:


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