PMIIC Symposium 2017 – Where is project management headed in 2017?

Project management trends show things are about to change. Several trends show there’s a significant amount of growth taking place in the project management industry.

  1. Automation becomes an essential part of project management
  2. Remote and virtual worker adoption becomes mainstream. Research shows that remote work has climbed to 37 percent, with no signs of slowing down. This trend is a two-edged sword, simplifying and complicating project management at the same time.
  3. The irregular schedule becomes widespread
  4. People + machine collaboration. These changes are filtering down to project management via tools and resources utilizing big data, machine learning, and natural language processing.
  5. People analytics gains momentum
  6. The rise of performance consulting and development
  7. Personalization grows to accommodate teams and clients
  8. Mobility becomes dominant
  9. Networks of teams moves to replace individual teams
  10. The death of privacy

It’s getting harder and harder to keep up. These trends are growing, out of necessity. The teams that embrace these changes, the ones that get in front of these trends will win. The demand for products, for performance, for results – is growing. Yesterday’s success just isn’t enough.

Are you ready for these project management trends?

Most teams aren’t. There’s this persistent fear with project managers that their project, any project they’re a part of, will fail spectacularly. *)

Get started now, move forward consistently and you’ll realize you’ve left disaster behind. Join PMI Indonesia Chapter Annual Symposium & Exhibition to network, to share and to explore the new trends and developments in Project Management domain!

Do not miss your chance to attend 7th PMI Indonesia Symposium & Exhibition 2017 - the premier conference with more than 250 project management professionals, executives, and scholars in the management space. We offer Early Bird price NOW until 31st August 2017.

“Project Management Leads Business Through Uncertainty”

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 You find incremental improvements at the operational level aren’t getting the desired results like they used to. You realize, your company needs a transformation to get and stay on top. Not for the faint of heart, it has to start from the top. While there is no single model, successful transformations make the change meaningful, leaders role-model the desired mind-sets and behaviors, there is a strong and committed top team that is competent and motivated to make the tough decisions required, and every one of the company’s leaders relentlessly pursues impact. We used to believe that the company’s ability to achieve operational excellence is what determines success. We now know that poor company performance and governance begins with its top leaders and board not fulfilling their key responsibilities. It’s crucial to develop and share a clear understanding of your role as a top leader. Focus your energy and time on aspects that will generate the most impact to move the company forward sustainably. Based on 35 years of operational and strategic leadership experience, Tya Adhitama will talk about the three aspects she has found most important: governing, strategizing, and challenging and share real case studies of organizations she has led. 
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In this keynote, marketing strategist Michael Milutis will share what he has learned from having consulted with hundreds of project managers from around the world on their personal branding challenges. He will explore the key personal questions that every professional, manager, or executive must find the answers to and that are universal across functional areas and industry verticals. Michael will walk you through this process and then demonstrate how one’s learning strategy, networking strategy, and personal branding strategy all flow logically from the answers. This session will cover a variety of areas including:

  • Corporate mindfulness and professional authenticity
  • Career reinvention and fulfillment
  • Individuation and self-actualization
  • Personal branding and social media

Join us on an exciting journey for 2 days filled with learning networking opportunities. FREE Networking Dinner and meet up with Project management Practitioners. A great moment for all of us to meet our friends from all different industries that shared the same vision!

We have received overwhelming response from great speakers from all over the world! The team is working hard to bring YOU the BEST! To bring another memorable event to YOU! We bring the best speakers from various industries to share their leadership success. Please visit our symposium website to find the latest speakers line up as the evaluation committee finalizing their selections. Earn 16 PDUS by attending this event. Learn from the Best speakers who are the Leaders and Practitioners

Learn insights from these world-class speakers:

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What are you waiting for?

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