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The aim of this Project Management Knowledge Sharing is to share the know-how of designing the roadmap to influence and the techniques to influence change in the working environment. It was Norma Lynch, the International Project and Change Management Trainer and Consultant who also served on the PMI Ireland Chapter as the Director of Volunteering and Director of Marketing, who shared the information with 84 participants on the evening of 28 May 2021.

From PMI HQ, the article discusses about Building Life Skills Through Hands-On Project Management. We had two PRANKS session in June 2021 and one PRANK session in May 2021, and in case you missed them, we feature reports of the events.

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June 2021

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What Risks Actually Need Identifying?

Risk management can be a contentious part of project delivery. Remember having many an animated conversation about what the potential exposure of a risk was, how best to try and manage that exposure, and what to do if things went wrong.

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In order to gain certain life skills, the best teacher is often hands-on experience. For example, a person can spend hours watching YouTube to learn different golfing techniques; but the only real way to successfully swing a driver is to pick up a club and practice. In the same manner, one can spend hours reading up on keys to growing great tomatoes, but nothing beats digging in the garden.

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Building Life Skills Through Hands-On Project Management


PRANKS 30: Heavy Equipment Indonesia - Market Disruption 2020

On 8 June 2021, Project Management Institute Indonesia Chapter invited Guntur Haludin, the Non-Executive Director of PT. Surya Citra Mandiri Utama who also certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and HR Manager with 15 years of experience in driving strategic change and improvement in projects.

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There are times when we are overwhelmed by constantly shifting priorities, changing visions, and interruptions. To make it worse we spend too much time putting out fires rather than solving the root cause of the chaos.

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PRANKS 31: From Chaos to Confidence: The 6 Pillars Project Leadership Framework
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