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PMI Indonesia chapter along with 18 other chapters around the world collaborate through the PMI Chapter XChange Program. This April, we ran a webinar that takes on the topic of Cultural Agility and features a panel of four speakers from four continents

From PMI HQ, the article discusses about Woman at Work. We had two PRANKS sessions in April 2021 and in case you missed them, we feature a report of the events.

On behalf of the board of editors I would like to thank the contributors of this edition and everyone who has supported in the preparation of this newsletter. I hope you enjoy reading this edition.

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April 2021

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Repairing Broken Stakeholder Relationships  

Not everything is always lilacs and roses when it comes to maintaining positive and productive relationships with project stakeholders. After all, everyone is human—and with that comes different perspectives, perceptions and agendas, all of which can lead to hiccups in the quality of interpersonal relationships.

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A project in India is helping to educate companies about the importance of a gender-diverse workforce and improving the prospects for women working in the country

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Women at Work


PRANKS 26: Digital Transformation as A Key to Face Industry 4.0

We entered Industry 3.0 in the 70s where automation leads productivity gains in many sectors. Nowadays, as mobile internet, cloud computing, internet-of-things, data sciences development disrupt our day-to-day life, changes are needed to be made from all stakeholders through a digital transformation.

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You might be asking, “what is Management 3.0?”, “does this thing relate to the Industry 4.0 that everybody talks about?” We held an afternoon Project Management Knowledge Sharing session with Meiko Tourista, who has more than 25 years of experience as a Digital and Telecom professional and currently runs a consulting firm called Melior Synergy as a Director, and talked about the subject.

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 PRANKS 27: Employee Engagement with Management 3.0

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