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Project Management Institute (PMI) Indonesia 2021 - Annual Board Workshop has been held on 9 Jan 2021, this year's event is totally different from previous year because of the pandemic, so we held the event online. The event was attended by 9 Board of Directors and 33 board members with additional representatives from PMI Bandung, Yogyakarta and Surabaya branch also joining in.

From PMI HQ, the article discusses about The First Project Manager Roast. We had two PRANKS sessions in January 2021 and in case you missed them, we feature a report of the events.

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January 2021

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Build Resilience in Any Kind of Project  

Agile approaches tend to build resilience into the work because of the frequent build-release loop. The team builds something useful for the customer and then releases it.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted most onsite activities around the world into virtual in the past several months. However, as the disease in most parts of China has been under control, PMI China’s Chengdu community reopened its onsite project management events.

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The First “Project Manager Roast!”— Onsite Series Held in Chengdu


PRANKS 20: Bluebird Strategic Transformation Journey

In January 12th, PMI Indonesia Chapter held its first Project Management Knowledge Sharing (PRANKS) in 2021 with Paul Soegianto, the Chief Strategy Officer of Blue Bird, as the honourable speaker.

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On the last week of January 2021, PMI Indonesia Chapter held another Project Management Knowledge Sharing (PRANKS) series with a remarkable speaker from Austria, Daniel Hendling.

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PRANKS 21: All Buttons Pushed! Dealing with Conflict and Resistance - in times of the pandemic, and beyond


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