Dear Valued Members,

PMI Region Mentor Program was set up by PMI Board of Directors with the objective of adhering to the PMI Strategic Program, providing guidance and leadership to PMI Chapter Leaders to assist them in developing the capabilities of their leadership and ensuring compliance with PMI Global Operation Center Policies and Directives.
The Region 15 is one of the several PMI Regions across the globe that is covering the South East Asian Countries such Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and The Philippines. As of April 2014, Region 15 has around 3.471 Chapter Members and it has tendency to grow more.
We have been enriching ourselves in form of various domestic and international events where the chapters are supporting each other to achieve the same goal that is bringing value to our members. Soon we will be facing more collaborated programs and shared information among the chapters, so the members will gain more benefits of being engaged with the chapters.
If you think, you have the same passion and spirit in more broaden perspective in our region, why don’t you be part it and share your values among the other members among the chapters in the region or even more, globally? We are more than happy to assist to ensure that you will have exciting experience while you get the advantage out of it.
I am looking forward to welcoming you to be part of our Region 15 big family.
Thank you.
Mohammad Ichsan,PMP