Message From the President


We have been through ups and downs in a long 24-year journey, we experienced lots of challenges and the recent one being the economic downturn due to the pandemic. It does seem that disruption is inevitable and as companies, professionals we must be ready to transform the way we work.


The world is moving towards projectized work. Projects, in a large enterprise or in a start-up settings, fuel the economy. It creates roles and job opportunities, it opens up collaborations as more stakeholders are involved, it drives the purchasing of goods and services. At PMI we call this the "Project Economy" and we want to empower and enable people to realize their vision and strategy. We want to take part in the capacity development of their teams. 

We create collaboration opportunities where our members can come together and network, expand their knowledge. Yes, we have had to adapt to the boundaries set by the pandemic, but we are very excited for what lies ahead. Every month we run knowledge sharing events, called PRANKS (Project Management Knowledge Sharing) where we invite subject matter experts covering a range of topics. We also are looking forward to invite you to our Symposium an Exhibition (Symex) which is a two-day event, featuring prominent speakers from Indonesia and abroad. Those who plan to pursue professional credentials from PMI, we also have an arsenal of volunteer mentors who will support you through our Study Groups. 


So, get involved! Whether as a volunteer, a member or a participant at any of our events.


We are delighted to have you. 

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Project Management Institute (PMI) Indonesia 2021 - Annual Board Workshop has been held on 9 Jan 2021, this year's event is totally different from previous year because of the pandemic, so we held the event online. The event was attended by 9 Board of Directors and 33 board members with additional representatives from PMI Bandung, Yogyakarta and Surabaya branch also joining in.

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