Yudha Damiat, PMP, PMI-SP
Yudha Damiat, PMP, PMI-SPAdvisor

Yudha has been a volunteer since 2012. He is a product of PMP Study Group back then when he obtained his PMP. He has held several positions in the Chapter such as Board of Membership, VP Branch and VP Marketing. Educated in United States, Yudha holds a BS in Electrical Engineering and has spent most of his entire career in Telco/IT industries. In 2015, he obtained his second credential PMI-SP because he loves scheduling so much. His employment journey includes companies such as AXIS Telekom Indonesia, XL Axiata, Packet Systems Indonesia and Hutchison 3 Indonesia.

Alfina is a Board Director for Surabaya Branch since 2017. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering Physics Faculty of Industrial Technology ITS Surabaya, graduated in 1997. As guest lecturer of Project Management for some engineering departments at ITS Surabaya, he initiated MoU partnership between PMI Indonesia Chapter and ITS Surabaya in 2017.

Alfina is an automation, project and sales professional with more than 20 years of experience in the Engineering and Automation industry. He is a certified PMP since 2008, Alfina currently works for a Multinational Company as Strategic Account Manager and also as Managing Director & Trainer at Training & Consulting Company.

He also holds Certified International NLP Practitioner, Certified Tony Buzan Mind Map Practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Firewalk Trainer, Certified Negotiation Professional, Certified 1st DAN Kukkiwon Taekwondo Black Belt and Certified Intermediate Mining Operational Manager from Ministry of ESDM.

He is happy person, active learner, persistent and involved in some social activities involving life breakthrough and motivation.

Alfina Wijanarno, PMP
Alfina Wijanarno, PMPBoard Member
Wawan Tripiawan, CAPM
Wawan Tripiawan, CAPMBranch Director Bandung

Wawan Tripiawan is the Branch Director of PMI Indonesia Chapter, Bandung Branch. His role is to to contribute in increasing awareness of project management in accordance with the PMBOK and expanding networks ranging from students to professionals in the Bandung area.

Having a bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering from Telkom University and Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering from Bandung Institute of Technology. He founded his IT Company (PT. Solusi Lintas Evolusi) in 2016. Currently, he responsible for managing operations in his company. He also a lecturer and researcher at the Industrial Engineering of Telkom University, with 7 years of experience in teaching university students.

Suci Miranda is a lecturer and researcher at the Department of Industrial Engineering, Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII) with 5 years of experience in teaching university students including delivering professional training related to Supply Chain Management. She completed her bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering at Universitas Islam Indonesia in 2005, and a master's degree in Industrial Engineering at Universitas Gadjah Mada in 2015. Her research areas are agro-supply chain management and project management. She used to work as a purchasing staff in a local construction company, PT. MBC Global, in Medan for almost 2 years. Since then, she pivoted into the field of education.


Suci is volunteering for PMI Indonesia Chapter as the Branch Director of Yogyakarta Branch (YB). She has been part of PMI membership since 2017. She likes cooking and traveling with her husband and 2 children. Watching movies is the most enjoyable activity in her leisure time.

Suci Miranda
Suci MirandaBranch Director Yogyakarta

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