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Hi and welcome to the 99th edition of Excellentia. The Indonesia Chapter has just completed its Board of Directors Election,in the “From Board” rubric, we introduce to you our new Chapter leadership for 2020-2023. The PMI HQ BOD Election, however, is still ongoing and if you have not yet voted, you can check out the candidates’ profiles in this edition.

Our main article is about change, and the project manager’s perspective on responding to these changes. With the project economy and the changes it brings in skills, talent acquisitions and different ways of working, project managers will need to step up their game and become a true leader. Close to the time of publishing, the chapter was saddened with the loss of our project management mentor, Pak Hari Gumuruh. We have dedicated an obituary remembering his involvement from the day of the conception of PMI Indonesia Chapter.

On behalf of the board of editors I would like to thank the contributors of this edition and everyone who has supported in the preparation of this newsletter. As we strongly advance to the second half of the year, I wish you successful days ahead in navigating through the changes and challenges in your place of work. Stay safe!


Arief Prasetyo

Editor in Chief
PMI ID #844427

Jun 2020 e-Excellentia Volume 99

The Only Real Constant is Change

Every project manager knows the adage that “the only constant is change,” but in today’s world, that really is true. The reason why operational staff were reluctant to deal with projects 30 years ago is because changes were relatively uncommon.

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The elected BODs will now go through a handover/ shadowing process in which they will be working together with the previous BOD during this transition period and will be fully in place by August 2020.

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Welcome New PMI
Indonesia Chapter BOD

Pak Hari Gumuruh

PMI Indonesia Chapter was deeply saddened to hear the passing of Dr. Hari Gumuruh Soeparto (Pak Hari). Pak Hari has had a very long career and touched many lives with his work and through his mentorship.

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The four directors selected by you, the members, will serve on PMI’s Board for a three-year term and govern the Institute. They are “directors at large,” elected to serve the entire membership.

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Influence PMI with Your Votes:
Candidates Profile
2021-2023 Board Election

PRANKS 06 & 07:
On Visual Coaching
and Disciplined Agile

The last two PRANKS sessions were very well received by the Chapter. If you missed the sessions, fret not, we will run through a brief summary of both sessions so you can get the gist of what was discussed.

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