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Hi and welcome to the 98th edition of Excellentia. As more and more countries start to open, economic activities start to gain some tractions, and companies adapt to a new way of working. Our chapter started calling for nominees for the new Board of Directors 2020 – 2023. We feature an article on the importance of the succession progam, especially during this time. The chapter ran yet another online PRANKS session, about managing a business in crisis met with great enthusiasm from chapter members.

Our main article is about managing talents during the pandemic. The movement restrictions add another layer of complication. Project managers can use Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to assess the behavioral, physiological well-being of their team members. We also have an article about social impact. Often, we are too busy with work that we do not pause and think about the damage and suffering around us; from bushfires to the pandemic, we should try to take part in the efforts in sustainability.

On behalf of the board of editors I would like to thank the contributors of this edition and everyone who has supported in the preparation of this newsletter. I hope you enjoy it. As we embrace the “new normal” I wish you all healthy and productive days ahead.


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May 2020 e-Excellentia Volume 98

Managing Talent During
the Pandemic

For some, working on projects from home is no big deal; but for many, the physiological and psychological impact of being socially isolated and confined takes its toll. That toll can take the form of lowered morale, depression and more.

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Along with PMI HQ and many PMI Chapters around the world, it is time for PMI Indonesia Chapter to elect new Board of Directors (BOD) for 2020 – 2023.

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Chapter BOD Elections

Social Impact and

Sometimes it may feel as though the plight of humanity goes unnoticed unless an earth-shattering event happens, but the truth of the matter is that there are needs and hurt all around us. We get bombarded with calls to
action so often it becomes the soundtrack relegated to the background of our everyday lives..

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The session took a topic which is very relevant to the current business climate. As many businesses go into crisis mode, leaders at all levels of the business are forced to react accordingly.

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Managing Business in Crisis


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