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Dear Project Management Community,

July marks an important milestone as we ran our 100th Open Membership Meeting (OMM), featuring two prominent speakers who walked us through the Chapter’s past, present and future. We also concluded our Study Group Season 15, congratulations to the mentees for your endurance and I wish you all the best on your PMP exam. The Chapter goes to Indraprasta University as part of the “Goes to Campus” program and introduced PMI to eager students and their lecturers. Our volunteers delivered talks on agile and project management.

We feature an article about the widening gap between strategy and execution that creates misalignment in the eventual benefi t upon project completion. There is also an interesting article about the gig economy, which drives the way companies run projects and hire the people to do them, so be sure to check it out.

On behalf of the board of editors I would like to thank the contributors of this edition and everyone who has supported in the preparation of this newsletter.


Arief Prasetyo

Editor in Chief
PMI ID #844427

August 2019 e-Excellentia Volume 89

Still Going Strong

Our Open Membership Meeting (OMM) has been the Chapter’s regular program. Covering certifi cations to latest trends in project management, it has featured presenters from diff erent industries and with rich variety of experience. On the month of July, PMI IndonesiaChapter proudly presented it’s 100th OMM.

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The Gig Economy is a growing shift in how people view and perform their work. Rather than working full-time for one organization, more and more workers are becoming independent contractors, recognizing the value and freedom this new paradigm offers.

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The Gig Economy
and Project Management


Bridging the (Very Wide) Gap Between Strategy
and Execution

Projects and strategy. Two ideas that should go together like peanut butter & chocolate. Except they’re often not. What is the reason for this gap and why does it increasingly widen as the project progresses. 

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After 14 sessions of discussions, late night story-lines, quizzes, brain dumps, the 15th Season of PMIIC Study Group (SG) has come to a close with a Full Simulation Exam trial. Read the how the journey ends (or begins?) for the mentees and their devoted mentors.

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SG15 Closing: 
That's a Wrap and Good Luck!


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