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Dear Project Management Community,

We are happy to announce that now we have new BODs in PMIIC. The new positions have been updated in this edition. Hope we can serve all members better and keep fun.

Our main article is about Project Manager Career. Our routine activities such as Roadshow to company and Annual General Meeting can be read in this edition.

On behalf of board of editor I would like to thank all parties who support us in preparing this edition and participating in this newsletter.

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Laura Indah Tanzil

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November2017 e-Excellentia Volume 73

Everything at once

The word “DevOps” pops up a lot these days in IT. A compound of the words “development” and “operations”, DevOps is a delivery approach that brings software engineer and operations teams together for the entire product life cycle-design, development and deployment. It has a lot in common with agile approaches. But whereas agile focuses on rapid delivery of a potentially shippable product, DevOps takes another step: It blurs the line among development, testing and operations.

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If you are a project manager, your job is probably somewhat different to what it was a few years ago. Technology has driven considerable automation into many of the administrative functions associated with the role, reducing the amount of limited- or no-value work project managers must perform. I don’t know many PMs who are upset with that!

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The PM Career of the Future

PMI Indonesia Chapter Volunteers Outbound 2017

Project Management Institute Indonesia Chapter has conducted Volunteers Outbound 2017. The event was held on September 10th, 2017 at Villa Bukit Hambalang, Bogor. The purpose of this event is to explore potential and personal qualities, forming a powerful team, developing characters, generating effective management, togetherness, recreation and fun activities while keeping excellent deliverables.


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