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Program Timeline

PMC 2018

Please see our Program Timeline below to ensure that you adhere with timely submission.

  • 1. Online registration : June 1st – July 20th, 2018 [CLOSED]
  • 2. MPMP Submission : June 11th – August 11th, 2018 [CLOSED]
  • 3. TOP 10 Announcement : August 27th, 2018 [COMPLETED]
  • 4. TOP 10 Confirmation : August 27th – September 21st 2018 [COMPLETED]
  • 5. PMC 2018 Summit : September 27th - September 29th 2018
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Step 1: Online Registration
Step 2: MPMP Submission
Step 3. Top 10 Announcements
Step 4. Top 10 Confirmation
Step 5.


  • 1. Undergraduate/Postgraduate Student from all universities around the world
  • 2. Each group consists of 4 (four) students from any major

Registration Fee:

  • Early Bird ( June 1st – 30th, 2018 )    IDR 425,000   or   $30
  • Normal ( July 1st – 20th, 2018 )    IDR 550,000   or   $40

Enrollment has Closed.

Case Study

( examine this case study as a guideline to compose your project ideas. )

Cities of the future: Resilience in Distruptive Era

In the long term, resilience is possible only if society reduces greenhouse gas emissions and avoids the worst impacts of climate change. So, strengthening a community’s resilience requires efforts to:

  • • Reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change;
  • • Plan for the changes that already are under way or anticipated;
  • • Foster social cohesion and inclusion.

“We define urban resilience as the capacity of a community to anticipate, plan for,
and mitigate the risks—and seize the opportunities—associated with environmental
and social change”.
~Kresge Foundation.

Resilience calls on us to rethink the urban systems that supply our energy, transportation, food, water, and housing. that community can build their cities to be resilient, to be better prepared for, to withstand, to transform, and to grow in the face of these shocks and stress. And through the same investments, cities not only become future-proof, they become better places to live and work right now.

Inspired by the Rockfeller Foundation who has been initiated a program of 100 Resilient Cities since 2013, the Project Management Challenge 2018 is to create a project plan proposal producing a product, service, result, or even a combination of two (PMBOK definition of Project) future-proof, they become better places to live and work right now.

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Reviewer Panel

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Alin Veronika,MT, PMP, PMI-RMP

President of PMI Indonesia Chapter

A L I NVeronika

CrysanthusRaharjo, PMP

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C R Y SRaharjo

YudhaDamiat, PMP, PMI-SP

Vice President Marketing Board of PMI Indonesia Chapter

Y u d h aDamiat

Bayu AdityaFirmansyah, MT, PMP

Vice President Branch of PMI Indonesia Chapter

B A Y UAditya

TonyHu, MM, PMP

Board Program of PMI Indonesia Chapter

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